TRWA provides a wide range of web design, development and implementation services.

Your web presence today needs to go beyond a website, and combine multiple web properties into an integrated online experience.

TRWA has extensive experience in setting up social media properties for our clients and ensuring they are properly integrated into their websites, so that you receive the full spectrum of solutions to create a compelling web presence.

Typical solutions include:

  1. Establishing Twitter, Facebook Page, YouTube and Linked In pages.
  2. Integrating social media accounts into the main website to display social media updates to website visitors.
  3. RSS feeds.
  4. Email mailing list management software.
  5. Setting up email accounts and integrating them with smartphones, etc.
  6. Ensuring compatibility of websites with tablet computers (iPad, Android, etc).

Other services provided by TannerRitchie

  1. Hosting on our own servers located in a secure facility in downtown Toronto.
  2. Data backup and optional cloud storage.
  3. Domain name registration and DNS setup.