TRWA is the right consultant to use to improve every aspect of your web presence.

With approaching two decades of experience in web development, programming, social media and managing all aspects of our clients web presence, TRWA has unparalleled experience in the technologies required for you to have a successful web presence.

One of the reasons our clients choose us, and then stay with us, is because of the quality of our advice for businesses looking for cost-effective and efficient web applications and internet marketing.


TRWA advises about more than just websites. It advises about how custom web applications can streamline your workflow and reduce costs across your business while building your capacity to do what you do best.

Efficient solutions

Receive qualified advice about the best technology to use to build you applications. Our objective is to find the most efficient fixes, and not the most costly. We lean heavily towards open standards and open source software. We won’t leave your company reliant on third parties or locked into expensive contracts.

Social Media Strategy

Receive reliable advice about the best approach to social media for your business. We analyse your business objectives and provide a plan for social media growth.

Depending on your business, social media may be the primary way to drive clients to buy your products and services, or it may just be a small part of your overall marketing campaign. We can help you direct the correct quantity of resources to your social media presence.

Hype-free SEO

Hype free SEO. We’ll tell you what you business needs to succeed at SEO, and we won’t sell you on hype and buzzwords.

SEO is important, but many companies will blind you with science, suggesting SEO is more complicated than it need to be. We’ll identify your current weakness and tell you how to go about fixing them.