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TRWA has been developing websites since 1999 for a wide range of clients, from simple sites for startups and small-businesses to major programming projects for corporations and universities.



  • Fantastic!

    Terratec Environmental
  • Smart technological solutions are essential for a small business owner to survive in today's ever changing environment. `Total Merchant` enables me to manage my website, books, inventory, marketing plan and production schedule. It has saved me money and more importantly time!

    Christy Taberner Founder - Christy's Gourmet Gifts
  • You are a master of your craft!

    Satisfied customer
  • We required a website designed that could handle displaying thousands of options for our office furniture line and would also have the ability to configure them based on the requirements of our customer. We preferred a simple and intuitive way for this to work. TRWA was the perfect choice based on their professionalism and knowledge to build this highly complex site. We are certainly pleased we choose TRWA.

    Horizon Furniture, Kitchener, Ontario
  • I've had an association with TannerRitchie Publishing since early 2013 when we signed a contract and embarked on a journey to construct the 4RP series of websites. During that time I have been completely pleased with the services provided by TannerRitchie Publishing and my principal contact Roland Tanner. Roland provided exceptional service and constructed the initial series of five websites. The main website was which is the parent website to,, 4RP, These websites are patent driven and complex . They integrate with other service providers to deliver a complete messaging package.  

    Denis Alarie 4RP Inc
  • TRWA has been wonderful to work with. Creative suggestions have improved WISH immeasurably. Any problems cropping up with the website are resolved quickly and efficiently.

    Professor Elizabeth Ewan University of Guelph

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